City info

Bordighera is a town with about 10.462 inhabitants It is on the western coast of Liguria at the foot of the Maritime Alps.
When northern winds blow, the mountains overlooking the sea, create a foehn effect so that in winter the climate is mild, about ten degrees.
Bordighera is the very southernmost point of Liguria and summers are not so hot because of the sea breeze which mitigates the heat. The average summer temperature is about 24 degrees.

The climate is unique in the world; behind the town there are date palms which make the landscape exotic and lush in a warm light. Accordig to legend, Saint Ampelio, the patron Saint of the town, was the first to plant the seeds of Phoenix Dactylifera which were brought here from Egypt in the IVth century.
The fascinating church of Saint Ampelio is perched on the rocks and each of them has a name and a story to tell.
The landscapes stroke Claude Monet who tried to put these emotions on a canvas during his stay in Bordighera. “Everything is shining and every day the countryside is more and more beautiful and I am enchanted by the place” wrote Claude Monet to his dealer in Paris. Around 1850 many rich British families chose Bordighera as the right place where to spend their winter holidays.
Still today the town enjoys the most important institutions such as the Bicknell Museum, the International Library, the Tennis and Bridge club, the first to be founded in Italy.

Thanks to its unique climate , the exotic garden Pallanca developed with a great variety of cactuses and it is one of the most important in the world.
The late medieval origins of the historical centre make it fascinating and mentioned by the Italian writer Edmondo De Amicis.
Today the historical centre is well worth a visit and it is the seat of important events and also full of typical restaurants.

From the “caruggi”(typical narrow streets) walking down towards the sea, you can enjoy the beautiful pine forest and th gardens designed by Ludwig Winter, rich of agave plants, palm and pine trees and monkey-puzzle trees.
From here you can see the small harbour with the boats of the local fishermen, last landing for pleasure crafts before the French border. Between the beaches and the railroad, enjoy a walk along the Argentina promenade, inaugurated by Evita Peron. It is the longest promenade in the Riviera, about two kilometres lined with Araucaria Exelsa trees. The seafront offers an uncatchable sight of La Turbie and Cap Ferrat, free and well equipped beaches, bars and restaurants, gardens and playgrounds for children.
Bordighera offers free WI-FI.

Internet hot spots: harbour/ the town centre/ Via Vittorio Emanuele/ close to the Tourist Offie and the Library/ Piani di Borghetto