The B&B is on the first floor of a private villa where the owners live. It is located in a quiet and green area close to the city centre and you can reach all facilities and beaches very easily.
The access road is a restricted area for guests and residents only.
All rooms have a private car park and are tastefully decorated.
Guests are provided with a passkey and a badge to enter their rooms in order to ensure security and comfort.
Villa Mirella was completely renovated in 2017.

There is a common area with a breakfast lounge and a kitchenette.
Everywhere you can see, in a sort of permanent exhibition, the paintings of Giuseppe Balbo, the owners’ uncle.

Marino and Gabriella work downstairs and take care of the gym which is free for the guests, the beauty centre and the solarium on request.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At Villa Mirella you can enjoy a continental breakfast with tea, coffee, fresh fruits, fruit juices, yoghurt, biscuits, “croissants”, fresh bread and jams.
Do not miss the famous Ligurian “focaccia”! Try it dipped into a creamy “cappuccino” or filled with ham and cheese.


It is decorated with the paintings and sculptures of the artist Giuseppe Balbo .
There is a cosy living room, a kitchenette and a breakfast lounge.
In the comfortable and air-conditioned living room you can spend some time hanging around or reading.
The satellite TV will offer you your favourite programmes on a big screen.
Enjoy this place overlooking a beautiful balcony!


He was born in Bordighera in 1902. During his early education he met Andrea Marchisio, professor at Accademia Albertina in Turin.
In 1929 he showed his painting “Sitio” at the Biennale of Bolzano and won a gold medal.
In 1931 Balbo and his peer Mario Cavalla fitted a van as a studio and started a journey all over Europe and North Africa, they painted and showed their paintings in different cities until 1935 when in Sétif French authorities confiscated the van.
He stayed in Africa until 1940 when the war broke out and was an officer in the ranks at Cheren.
He was imprisoned by the English and sent to a concentration camp in Eldoret where he painted, studied and created a school for his fellow prisoners.
In 1946 he came back to Bordighera. He first started a Night Art School which turned into the Accademia, still existing today.
He took part in the most important Art Exhibitions such as “Premio Cinque Bettole”, “American Paintings” and “Salone dell’Umorismo”.
He continued his work as an artist until 1980 when he died in Bordighera.

fitness centre

downstairs Marino is waiting for you at the fitness centre which is free for the guests…

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beauty centre

Gabriella, a degree in physical education, runs harmony beauty.
foot reflexology and all beauty treatments are available on request….

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bordighera is a town with about 10.462 inhabitants it is on the western coast of liguria at the foot of the maritime alps…

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